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15 Sep Cycling Wears
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Anti Bacterial, Anti UV, Breathable, Plus Size, Quick Dry, Comfortable and Echo Friendly Product made by Mesh, Micro Mesh, 100% Polyester, Interlock materials...
15 Sep Stitching
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Stitching units are equipped with high-speed precision stitching machines operated by skilled labor experienced in shaping fabrics into the different product sizes and styles asper the requirements of..
15 Sep Printing
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Embellishment adds value to the garment. We have our own screen printing machines and tables complete print set up which successfully adding features to our products. From screen printing to heat tran..
15 Sep Cutting
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The cutting department is centralized with the capacity to cut over 5,000 pcs per day to feed our stitching unit.Automatic + Manual SpreadingStraight knife Cutting machineBand Knife machineFlat TableC..
15 Sep Innovation
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While athletes continue to push the barriers of performance so do EG with their innovative approach to purpose-built on and off-field team wear...
02 Aug Consistency
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With over 16 years specializing in team wear design and manufacturing, EG has developed a series of processes to ensure quality and consistency from start to finish...
02 Aug Design Your Own
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Have combined the intelligence of the world’s most innovative fabric technologies and custom sportswear manufacturing processes with its very own design your own software application...
02 Aug Quality
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Working alongside some of the world's greatest sporting teams has provided EG with the perfect testing ground to develop and refine its premium team wear ranges...
26 Jul Scale
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Dedicated in-house design, manufacturing and global logistics teams allow EG to be highly agile with the ability to scale rapidly for teams of all sizes...
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